Diabetes Type 2 and Bariatric Surgery?

What are the risks for bariatric surgery with diabetes type 2?

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Diabetes Type 2 and Bariatric Surgery?

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Insulin Dependent Diabetics (Type 2 Diabetes) have a higher incidence of silent heart and vascular disease which can be associated with heart attacks, strokes and on occasion hard to heal wounds. However, if well-controlled with a reasonable Hg1C (amount of sugar on the hemoglobin molecule) their risks are more reasonable. A MORE important question may be how much of a correction in my diabetes could bariatric surgery and weight loss give me? IF such surgery results, as it often does, in a large weight loss which makes the diabetes easier to handle and may switch you from needing Insulin to being able to control sugars with pills (Type 1Diabetes) or diet the operation could save your life.

Ask your bariatric surgeon and your internist how all of this relates to YOUR particular condition.

Dr. Peter A. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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