Can Di Vinci Veneers Broaden my Smile? My Smile is Very Narrow Due to a Tongue Thrust.

I have a narrow smile, or bite, because of my tongue thrust. Can Di Vinci Veneers broaden my smile? And by how much?

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Widening your smile

Most veneers can widen your smile.  However, how much is dependent on a lot of things. You can have a wax up of the proposed veneers done on models of your teeth. This will serve as an architectural plan for your new smile.  From this wax up you can have your dentist copy this plan with temporaries in your mouth so you can see what it would look like on you. 

Most likely...yes

Without a picture it's hard to tell exactly.  Tongue thrusting causes your front teeth to flare more, possibly creating a narrow arch.   Hypothetically, if you were standing on your tongue looking up are your arch it would look more like a "V" instead of ideally, like a "U". 

Personally, I have veneers because I wanted to widen my smile (buccal corridor) after my orthodontics left my smile narrow.  So it's totally possible.

Da Vinci Veneers...

Hello there,
Da Vinci Veneers (like most other veneers) may be able to broaden your smile, but it really depends on your teeth and your smile.  I would have to see a photo of your teeth and face below the eyes to fully answer your question and make any recommendations.  Let me know if this is something that you'll be able to do. 
Take care and good luck with the decision you make.

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