Hematoma in surgery night. What should I do? (Photo)

After surgery left side of my chest started bleeding after some time bleeding stop and my left chest got large and violent. My doctor told that it is cold blood on my chest. And it gradually disappear, body absorb these blood... is it true? I don't think our body absorb colt blood. But he squeeze the chest and drain almost 50 present of colt blood through my drain channel. It is just 6 day of my surgery. What should i do, any suggestions?

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Bruising and swelling Post-Op

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Hello, and thank you for your question. It looks like it has now been some time since you asked, and I hope that your surgeon was correct and all of this corrected itself. It is very normal for bruising and swelling to take place within the first couple of weeks after surgery, and then everything will start to heal. You should never hesitate to contact your surgeon if you are still having issues or questions! Best of luck to you.

Going back to surgery

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You are probably a candidate to go back to surgery for drainage and stopping the bleeding.    He was referring to OLD  blood not to Cold Blood.    Go see you surgeon.   You would benefit by a wash out  in surgery.   My  Best,   Dr Commons

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