What should I have done for my drooping face? (photos)

The whole left side of my face is longer than my right (why is this). Because of this, my left eye is lower than my right, my left lip droops down as well as the temple, cheek and chin being far different from the right. I was wanting to have a nose job (straighten and smallen) as well as a veneers (align) but was wanting to know what could be done about the left side of my face and if theres anything I need to consider when having the first two procedures. thanks

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Seek Out a Craniofacial Surgeon

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Thank you for your question and for including photos. Facial asymmetry is actually more common than many people think, and it's usually caused the bone and tissue developing more on one side than the other. If it concerns you, I would recommend consulting with a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in congenital issues involving the face, neck, jaws, and other structures. Specifically, I'm referring to a craniofacial surgeon. He or she can explain the options, which may include having a synthetic implant inserted to create the desired balance between both sides of the face, or undergoing more involved bone surgery. Good luck.

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Assymetric face - what should I do?

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Thank you for asking about your asymmetric face.
  • This is a complex problem so this answer, I hope, will get you started finding the right answers for you.
  • The asymmetry is the result of bone and tissue on one side, not developing as much as the other.
  • There are two approaches - one is major facial bone surgery.
  • The other is soft solid silicone implants over the deficient bone. 
  • To start, if possible find a cranio-facial surgeon to consult about the surgery - most are plastic surgeons, often with a dental degree as well. Find out what /she recommends.
  • Almost certainly a CT scan of the face will be done to show the underlying bone development.
  • Next find a plastic surgeon who does facial implants, for her'his recommendations.
  • Implants - over the cheeks, chin, along the nose and at the angle of the jaw might give you as good a result with less risk than major facial bone surgery.
  • I would suggest you ask your rhinoplasty surgery about having a CT scan before your rhinoplasty - a good rhinoplasty surgeon is likely to want to do this. 
  • If you are considering major facial bone surgery, do not have the veneers or the rhinoplasty as the nose and teeth will be affected by the facial surgery.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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