Is There a Device (Like Ulthera or Fraxel) That Can Add VOLUME to Face.

There are several devices that can stimulate collagen production in the face... Ulthera, Fraxel, Titan, Thermage, etc. Why can't the makers of these devices create a device that can stimulate even GREATER amounts of collagen below the surface as to add VOLUME to sunken areas... much the way Sculptra does? The devices mentioned above only seem to tighten and lift. Why can't the same technology be expanded to re-volumize targeted areas?

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Volumizing procedures

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Greater amount of collagen under the skin would mean scar tissue. 

You are 'tightening' tissue (SMAS muscle layer) by creating collagen, an extracellular matrix component, literally scar tissue.

You don't want to create volume with scar tissue. That's why we have fat in our bodies to give our faces, belly, love handles, etc contour. Soft contours from fatty tissue and not scar tissue as in lumps and hard bumps. 

Volumization lasers

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You ask a great question.  The immune system is involved in producing more collagen as a response to Sculptra and this gives volume needed to inflate a deflated cheek or temple, etc.  the collagen that is produced as a result of heating the dermis from laser or radiofrequency or ultrasound has not produced bulk volume.  If it did, there would need to be a mechanism to shut it off automaticallly so the scar tissue wouldn't rise above the normal skin level.  How this is prevented in Sculptra injections is hard to know. Maybe one day, your idea will be invented!

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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