Deviated Septum, Slant Nose and Nasal Hump Causing Problem. Can This Be Repaired With Septoplasty? (photo)

I've had difficulty breathing from the right side of my nose for years after a facial injury (I did not go to the hospital afterwards). It's completely blocked. Touching the nasal hump causes pain. I get nose bleeds, my voice sounds stuffy & I often suffer from headaches & colds. I assume this is a deviated septum but my question is this; could any of these problems be caused by the crooked nose/nasal hump? Can they repair this through septoplasty? Is it covered by group insurance?

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Septoplasty for breathing

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A septoplasty will improve your breathing if it is deviated. A bump on the nose is a different story. However when a bump on the nose is repired the valves stay open better and contribute to the better breathing

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Deviated Septum and Nasal Valve Collapse

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Without examining your nose, it is impossible to give you a correct diagnosis. However, from the pics, it looks like you may have nasal valve collapse of the internal nasal valve. You can test this by spreading the skin just at the sides by the middle of your nose, if you can breathe better then you probably have nasal valve collapse. You may also have a deviated  septum. This can be diagnosed on exam. Insurance should cover both issues.

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It is common that trauma to the face and nose can cause deviation of the septum, thus leading to breathing difficulties. A good examination with an experienced surgeon will determine if your septum is deviated and provide a proper diagnosis to your current complaints and problems. A deviated septum will often times be related to the crooked nose and hump. If indeed you have a deviated septum and this diagnosis prevails then yes your insurance company should pay for the necessary surgery to provide you proper breathing functions etc. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
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