I have noticed that I breathe through one of my nostrils much easier than the other, especially after exercise? (photo)

My septum is pretty deviated. Would a septoplasty alone fix this? Would it fix my breathing issues and also make my nose look normal? I don't want any other cosmetic changes, I just want to breathe and look normal.

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Nasal obstruction, deviated septum, cannot breathe from the nose

Hello, your question is very common and a practical one. Indeed, a deviated septum can definitely contribute to difficulty in breathing from the nose. It should be noted however that there are other issues that may contribute as well. The turbinates are your 'air conditioners" of the nose and may be slightly enlarged making it too crowded to breathe well. There are actually internal nasal valves inside the nose that may collapse when you breathe in or are slightly weak and collopase that may be an issue. If you have chronic allergies or nasal polyps those can also contribute as well to difficulty in breathing. The only way to really determine the cause(s) is for an examination in the office.

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Deviated septum and breathing problems

There are multiple reasons that patients have difficulty breathing of the nose such as a deviated septum, nasal fracture, turbinate hypertrophy, allergies, valve collapse and vestibular stenosis. Each one of these is treated differently. An in person consultation and examination will be required to determine the next step. For more information on nasal surgery please see the link below

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Limited Nasal Breathing

Correction of the obvious septal deviation will improve your breathing but I cannot tell you that the septoplasty will correct all your breathing problems without an examination.

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Would a septoplasty fix my breathing or is more surgery required?

The answer to your question would require an in-person exam. However, your photo does show deviation of the lower end of your septum which would require septoplasty and repositioning of that cartilage to help you breathe. It is not possible to determine if you have other causes of breathing problems (large turbinates, valve collapse) that would be addressed at the same time. Only an examination can reveal exactly what would be required. I hope this information is helpful.

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I have noticed that I breathe through one of my nostrils much easier than the other, especially after exercise?

You would need to be examined to determine the possible causes of your unilateral breathing problems. About 70 % of the time, the breathing improves after anatomic causes are improved. The cosmesis of the nose will have to be addressed separately by knowing what you would consider normal.

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