Deviated Septum Surgery, Plastic Surgeon Did Not Fix My Breathing Correctly?

Hi. I had cosmetic surgery done on my nose and at the same time had my plastic surgeon fix my deviated septum. The plastic surgeon did not fix my breathing correctly and I am still having a difficult time breathing. He billed my insurance for the deviated portion. I was wondering if I went to another ent to fix it if insurance would cover the second surgery to fix the breathing or will I have to pay out of pocket? Pls help!

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Problems breathing after surgery

Dear jan4224,

  • If you are still having breathing issues, then you should have an evaluation by a rhinoplasty specialist to see where the problem is
  • It could be that the septum re-deviated, or the turbinates are enlarged, or that there is collapse of the nose
  • A letter would have to be written to your insurance company to see if it would be authorized, and there is a very good chance that it could be

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