Does a deviated septum surgery require turbinate removal?

I have a devited septum on the right side, turbinates are swollen on the left side. if i fix the septum,, won't the turbinate swelling and compensatory hypertrophy issues resolve themselves?

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Does a deviated septum surgery require turbinate removal?

The septoplasty can be performed without doing anything to the turbinate if the turbinate is not enlarged. If the turbinate contributes to the nasal airway blockage, then a better correction will be obtained by doing something to the turbinate as well. There are several ways to diminish the turbinate obstruction without necessarily removing it.

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Deviated septum repair and turbinate removal.

The deviated septum can be repaired and the issue of the turbinates dealt with individually. It Depends on whether the  turbinates are the type that are too large in which case they can be made  smaller but not removed.

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