Deviated Septum & Enlarged Turbinates - 31 days post op my breathing is better but i still feel dizzy sometimes.

hello doctors i had a revision surgery to correct the position of my septum it has been 31 days now since my surgery my breathing is better but i still feel dizzy sometimes its like an inner ear infection because i get a weird feeling when i move my eyes to right (note : that my septum was deviated to the left ) 1) can you tell me why am i still getting this feeling ? & if it still needs time how long is it going to take ? 2) & it still hurts when i move my nose is it normal ?? thanks alot :)

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Deviated septum surgery

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Dear b301,

  • You should be seen by your doctor about the dizzy spells
  • It should not be related to surgery, and you may have something else going on that can be treated
  • Your nose is still healing so it still may hurt if you move it, and only a physical exam can tell us
  • The bright side is that your breathing is better

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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