Rhinoplasty To Repair A Deviated Septum & Enlarged Turbinates - Left Side Is Still Congested.

hello i had enlarged turbinates & deviated septum i had a rhinoplasty to fix them but i still feel that my left side of my nose is still congested and i felt postnasal drip so i went to my ENT doc to check me again, he said that the doctor that made my surgery was afraid to do septoplasty so he just pushed the septum & that wasn't enough! i want to ask u i feel unbalanced when i move my eyes "dizziness" & headache can this be caused by septum deviation & is it labyrinthitis?does it go away?

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Deviated septum and turbinate surgery

Persistent left sided nasal congestion can be addressed with revision septal surgery if there is still a septal deviation. Septal deviation shouldn't lead to dizziness and imbalance though. You would need to be seen by someone in person to have that addressed.

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