A Deviated Septum Developed After Primary Rhinoplasty

The surgeon used septal cartilage grafts to raise the tip of my nose and did an alarplasty to narrow the nostrils. The result is still much better than what I had before surgery, but I now have a bump in my right nostril and difficulty breathing through that nostril. The tip of my nose appears to be leaning left. Can this be fixed or will it create additional risk of further weaking the septal area? I had the open rhinoplasty.

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Deviated Septum after Primary Rhinoplasty

Depending on when you had your surgery, your problem may be asymmetrical swelling or deviation of the underlying structure. If a revision is necessary, this can be done with little risk of weakening the septal area. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and If not satisfied, get a second opinion.

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Deviated septum after open rhinoplasty.

It depends on hhow long it has been since surgery. If it is more than a year it won't probably change and you need to see your surgeon or an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon.

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