Can Nostril Size Be Evened Without Full Septo-rhinoplasty?

I have a deviated nasal septum which has made my nose moderately crooked on one side, and one nostril bigger than the other. Apart from some occasional snoring, the deviation in itself is not bothering me. Is it possible to only re-model the external cartilage to equalize the nostril size without a full septo-rhinoplasty?

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Will fixing the septum correct the nostrils?

From what you describe, it sounds like the twisted septal cartilage has made your nostrils look asymmetric. It may be that a septoplasty will improve your nostril shape. You will have to ask your doctor if that is the case.

If your nostrils are truly different sizes, they can be evened by removing a little skin from the nostril rim. These excisions are call Weirs excisions, and can be performed as a stand alone procedure under local anesthesia.

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Rhinoplasty...Can Nostrils Alone Be Corrected Without a Full Septorhinoplasty

 Hi Carmen,

Yes, the nostrils can be evened out without undergoing a full septorhinoplasty.   Often just straightneing the lower part of the deviated septum will correct the disparity between nostrils.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Septorhinoplasty for Nasal Deviation

While evaluation by a surgeon is always necessary to determine exactly what is the best course of treatment, from what you describe, a more complicated septoplasty is in order. While it sounds like your septum is the problem, you will need to repair and reinforce the front part of the septum, a procedure which is a bit more complicated than an ordinary septoplasty.

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Limited Septorhinoplasty

After you establish you goals, the surgeon will explain what needs to be done. Carefully consider you options. If you change one part of the nose it will influence the appearance of other parts of the nasal anatomy. You want to achieve a balanced, proportional nose.

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Nostril reduction or tip plasty can be done

It is possible to perform a nostril reduction or tip plasty on the nose. By reducing the size of the nostril on one side, it can give the appearance of being straighter. However, the septoplasty should be performed if it is blocking the nasal passageway. A full rhinoplasty does not need to be performed to do this. This would be performed through an alarplasty or just a simple septoplasty with trimming of the cartilage.

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