Deviated septum - breathing hurting sinus when sleeping. Will NHS cover this? (Photo)

I have a deviated septum according to my own analyse. It looks really crooked. When I sleep and breathe in, my head where my sinuses are hurt. Also my eyes hurt too. What needs to be done? Will NHS cover this? It is also a really bad looking nose which affects me to the point where i cover my face with my hair walking around town and looking onto the floor... I even thought of breaking it so I will get it fixed i read somewhere that it can kill you so i didn't do it

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Deviated septum - breathing hurting sinus when sleeping. Will NHS cover this?

The first "logical" step is to obtain an IN PERSON evaluation with a boarded surgeon. You can not self treat or harm yourself! If after the intra nasal examination the deviation is supported than the doc can call/write NHS to obtain a determination of benefits to have septal surgery... 

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Deviated septum

Most medical insurances will cover surgery to correct internal breathing problems. Any surgery to change your external nose appearance at the same time would not be covered and would cost extra. It would probably be best for you to go for a consultation and have you doctor determine what's needed and then have the staff work with you and your insurance company to determine what your plan costs would be.

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