Can a Deviated Septum Also Give the Impression of a More Swollen Nose?

8 months ago I injured my nose playing rugby.My nose appears to have small lump between the left nostril and the bridge of the nose, the shape of the nose ( viewed directly facing me ) is straight on the right side but rounded on the left side. A surgeon told me that I have a deviated septum. To me, the tip of my nose looks more swollen then before I had my injury. Will realignment of the septum alone make my nose look less swollen? Can a deviated septum give the impression of a swollen nose?

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Can a deviated septum also give the appearance of a more swollen nose?

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If you experience trauma to the nose, this can result in a structural change.  Your septum may also be deviated, but this is not the sole reason you see a structural change. A deviated septum can sometimes be asymptomatic, and an exam would be necessary to tell whether or not you have a deviated septum. Fixing a deviated septum will not help with any cosmetic issues that are also present. A rhinoplasty would be necessary if you wish to change the appearance of the nose. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck

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A deviated septum refers to the inside of the nose even though it can alter the outside too

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When we talk about a deviated septum, we are generally referring to the internal portion of your septum that divides the two sides of the nose. Fixing this should help your breathing but has no affect on your nose externally.

The outside of the nose can also look crooked or widened following trauma. part can be from angulation of the outside of the septum or other nasal structures. We can also fix the outside at the same time. If you have photos of your nose from before the trauma and we can document that it is related to getting hit, insurance may also cover all or part of the external surgery in addition to the deviated septum repair.

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