Deviated Nose Tip After Rhinoplasty?

I had a septo-rhinoplasty 6 days ago to correct a deviated nose septum and to straighten my nose. Yesterday when my doctor removed the cast on my nose, it seemed that the tip of my nose has deviated towards its original position (towards the right side of my face). My doctor tells me to tape my nose to the other side during this healing period, so that when it heals, it will be straight again. I'm skeptical. Does taping helps at all? Shouldn't the surgery fix my deviated nose? What should i do

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Deviated tip after rhinoplasty

In my experience tapping is useless. If the problem is swelling tapping will do nothing, if the deviation is from a structural problem, tapping will not reposition cartilage.

Since you are  only 6 days post surgery, I would allow the swelling to decrease and see how the nose heals. A mild deviation may either be swelling, or an asymmetry that you may have to just accept, especially if it was there before. Pictures would be helpful.

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