Deviated Nasal Septum?

I had 3 surgeries on my deviated nasal septum to straighten it out. And after every surgery, my nose continues to have an s-shape and i cant breathe good. My turbinates are always swollen on one side --sometimes both sides. What can be done? Is it possible to have this surgery done with an implant for septum, so that way i'll know it will be 100% straight and not an s-shape. I'm tired of having all these surgeries to straighten my nose and how afteroods it still looks cricked.

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Revision septoplasty

Straightening the septum with septoplasty often doesn't fully correct an external nasal deviation. More formal rhinoplasty to address the outward deviation can be considered to help with your persistent crookedness.

Turbinate reduction may also be helpful to decreased your chronically overgrown turbinates.

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Deviated septums can sometimes recur. There are new procedures that can reduce that

It's frustrating to have multiple septoplasties and still not be able to breathe. There are a number of reasons. Cartilage has memory and can warp back. Also sometimes it's the nasal valve and not the septum.

Us of cartilage grafts such as spreader grafts may be useful as well as a new product (available and used sucessfully for a decade in Europe) called a PDS plate. I have found that this is great for difficult re-do deviated septums.

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