Will Developing Gluteal Muscles Thru Healthy Diet and Butt Excercise Enhance my Buttock Augmentation Via Fat Grafting Results?

I am aware that the survival of adipose tissue depends on the blood supply provided by the different gluteal muscles. So to me it makes sense that if your buttock muscles are bigger, than the grafted fat has more surface area to supply a blood source for graft survival. If this is true than all potential butt augmentation patients would benefit by starting a rigorous butt excercise regiman before their surgery. If my thoery is true than I feel it should be strongly advised upon consultation.

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Exercise before Brazilian Butt Lift......?

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Your assumption is logical if you do this before surgery.  The more muscle and more vascular supply to that area, the better the fat survival should be.  But I would not recommend this early after surgery.
If this procedure is done correctly and you follow your surgeons recommendations after surgery, then you should get a great result even without this preparation. I have done this for about 15 years now and believe that getting a GREAT result will depend on many factors (surgeons technique for removing the fat, preparing the fat as well as how they inject the fat.  But the most important of all is what you as the patient do afterwards) So, choose your surgeon wisely and follow their instructions precisely! 

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Diet, Exercise and Fat Grafting

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This has not been studied and I appreciate your thought process, but Probably not is the short answer. Exercise  and a good diet are  great things to do and the larger you buttock muscles (gluteus muscles) the more they will be defined. Fat transfer is mostly done in the fat layer (mostly un-effected by muscle size) as well as in the muscle by some.


Buttocks Augmentation

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While in theory your premise sounds reasonable, there are no studies indicating that this will make a significant difference.  


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Buttock augmentation and exercise

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Although I recommend a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise to all of my patients, there is no proof that this will significantly increase your outcome from autologous fat transfer to the buttocks...RAS

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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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