Developed Infection After Bbl. Will the Hard Spot Be Permanent?

At 4wks postop noticed a red small bump that felt hot and urned out to be an infection. I had to get the abscess cut and drained. I am still packing the abscess everyday. They cultured it and it is infected. Is the area around and underneath the abscess hard because of the infection or is it likely due to fat necrosis and will not soften up? should I do anything to the hard area such as massage with ultrasound or just wait it out? I don't want to wait and the hard area settle in permanently.

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Infection after Brazilian Butt Lift.....

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Fortunately, this is very rare. 

Not knowing how involved your infection is, (ie: how big or how deep) it is tough to know how much hardness or for how long it will be hard.   But it is most likely (if it is relatively small... as it sounds from the way you describe it) that this will be a relatively minimal area of firmness a year or two after the wound closes.  But, it does take a long time. 
I would not recommend Massage or ultrasound this early after fat grafting surgery as this may kill your new fat cells.

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