I Have Developed Big Muscles on my Face by Chewing in Over-limit. how to Reduce Them?

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I would recommend that you consider seeing a TMJ specialist.

If you gnash or clench your teeth at night, this might explain why your chewing muscles are so big.  BOTOX masseter muscle injections are generally done cosmetically to slightly reduce the profile of the masseter muscle on the side of the face.  However, this does not really address the clenching.  It may be that you would benefit from a night guard to place your jaw muscles in a position of rest at night.

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Masseter Muscle and Botox

Without more specific information, I suspect that your problem is enlargement of the masseter muscle, one of the muscles involved with chewing.  Some physicians will use Botox for correction of this problem.  It is a very popular procedure in Asia and is mostly used to give the face a more heart shape as opposed to a square appearance.  The procedure is very effective and normally takes about 50 units (25/side) 

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