Possible to Develop Jowling or Loose Skin from Fraxel Laser?

has anybody else developed jowling or loose skin or loss of muscle tone from fraxel laser?

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Fraxel does not loosen the skin

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Neither am I aware from my collegues, nor from my personal experience treating patients with Fraxel Restore for approximately 8 years and Fraxel Repair for two years, that loosening of the skin can be a side effect. The Frazel energy in both the Re:store and Re:pair lasers induces collagen production which tightens the skin if anything, it does not loosen the skin.

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Fraxel Laser: Possible to Develop Jowling or Loose Skin After Treatment?

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Hi Finee,

I have not seen this occur in my patients over the 2 1/2 years of treating many patients. Nor have I heard of this occuring. Fraxel repair works by vaporizing skin (removes a mass of skin, usually about 8 grams on the face) permanently. When the face or face and neck are treated, there is many times a collection of fluid in the neck for a few weeks after treatment that resolves over time. The neck eventually tightens.

Fraxel repair does not penetrate deeply enough to affect muscle tone.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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