Could I Have Develop Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I had a bilateral concentric mastopexy (benelli lift) with bilaterla subpectoral aug. mammoplasty. (saline, natrelle left 480, right 400 cc) from those numbers you can tell my breast were very uneven, now its been almost 4 week since the surgery and I have notice my right breast, the one that was 400, is a lot harder than the left one, just on the bottom of my breast underneath the areola, when my left one feels very normal and soft, and it hurts a little bit to the touch. Could that be caps. c.

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Tightness of implant at 4 weeks

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It is most likely not a capsualr contracrture at 4 weeks after surgery, but it is definitely worth having checked out by your surgeon.

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Could I Have Develop Capsular Contracture

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It is a bit early to have a CC, but it is possible. A visit to your surgeon should help sort out the possibilities. All the best. 


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Could I Have Develop Capsular Contracture?

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Photo not very helpful. But yes it COULD be forming a cc. But think seroma/hematoma first because it appears fuller even superiorly. Seek in person second opinions. 

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