I have scar tissue pulling my right breast from the nipple down. (Photo)

It was there before implant removel 10 days ago but only visible when I tightened my muscles. Now post removel it's making the breast look very deformed. Can this scar tissue be released or removed? What kind of outcome can I expect?

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Too early to judge outcome

At this point in your recovery, it is much too soon to be worried about the outcome.  It takes time for things to heal.  There may be sensation changes for up to 2 years. It may be 6 months or more before the shape has reached its final look.  Be patient.

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Breast retraction

Following implant removal, it is not unusual to have some contour irregularities,  especially so soon after surgery.  Time is the best treatment at this point.  If the retraction persists, then you  can discuss with your surgeon the options, one of which may be scartissue release.  There may be other options as well depending on the problem tha could range from fat injections, acellular dernal matrix placement or other options.  It is impossible to say at this point.  So let time do its thing and good luck.  

Edward J. Ricciardelli, MD
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