Which Asian double eyelid surgery would be best to create symmetry in both eyes - incisional or non incisional? (Photo)

In the last year I noticed my left eye crease has become a monolid. I am a 30yr old female. I'd like to know what type of surgery method (incisional or suture) would be best to even out my eyes. I'd like to keep the natural size crease that I already have in my left eye. I live in Michigan but would like to find a doctor who has extensive experience in this, which likely doesn't exist here in Michigan. Do any doctors in Cali offer video consultations (to avoid multiple trips out of state)?

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Incision vs non-incisional upper blepharoplasty

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Hello Cambo2016, thank you for your question.  Generally speaking, it is hard to perform surgery in one eye to match the other side so most likely you would need surgery on both eyelids to ensure symmetry.  I personally would recommend the incisional method because you do have a little bit of hooding/extra skin that can be excised along with the creation of the double eyelid crease on the right side.   In our practice, we have a lot of patients from out of state/ overseas and we offer virtual consultations.  Hope that helps!
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