White / yellow dots on labia minora are burning after labiaplasty. What are they? (Photo)

I had labiaplasty nearly 3 weeks ago and I felt that I was healing quite well except one side started to get very irritated and swollen and felt itchy with slight burning. It seemed like a yeast infection which makes sense because I was out on antibiotics after the surgery and I'm prone to getting YI's when on antibiotics. However, this time there are white and red dots all over the side of the labia minora. What are these?!

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Irritable bumps 3 weeks out from labiaplasty?

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Judging from the looks of the labiaplasty scars, the bumps you describe appear to be suture knots dissolving near the skin. These are not infected, but they can look like pimples. Keep the area clean and they should resolve soon.

White / yellow dots on labia minora are burning after labiaplasty

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Thank you for sharing.   First, I do believe based on the pics, that you are healing well and should get nice results at the end.   It does sound like you are having irritation form the suture points and possible a yeast infection on top of it.  I would make sure to be evaluated by your surgeon so they can better assess the situation.

White / yellow dots on labia minora are burning after labiaplasty. What are they?

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  It appears that you had a trim labiaplasty performed and possibly a clitoral hood reduction.  Though the dots are not in a common location for sutures, these may be a reaction to any placed nearby, or may be clogged skin glands causing this appearance.  Best to have an evaluation by your surgeon to ensure other issues, such as a skin infection, is not taking place.  Hope this helps.

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Itching after labiaplasty surgery

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It is common to have itching from absorbable sutures. The sutures take 6-8 week to dissolve completely. If that is what is causing your itching, Zyrtec gel caps work well to alleviate symptoms. Given your history of yeast infections and recent antibiotic course, it would be helpful for you to see your surgeon for an exam and further treatment options. 

Itchy white dots?

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Thank you for your question and photos.  From the photos, it is difficult to make a diagnosis, however, the most likely explanation is that these "dots" could be areas where the suture material was placed rather close to the skin and the dots you are seeing could be small pimples or "pustules" that are caused by the suture material as it breaks down.  Occasionally, these will open up, just like an acne pimple would, and sometimes you can even see the remains of the thread that was used to close the incision, as your body tries to expel it.  "Dissolvable" stitches don't just magically dissolve, but rather, they are attacked by your white blood cells and are chewed up and digested in a localized inflammatory response, which would explain the itching.  That's my best guess without an examination.  A yeast infection is also certainly a possibility, but usually that would be accompanied by a yellow-white vaginal discharge.  I would recommend making an appointment with your surgeon for an in-person examination.  That's the best way to rule out other possibilities.

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