Vacationing 5 weeks after a Tummy Tuck, BA/BL and Lipo of the flanks. Is that enough time to heal?

My surgery is scheuduled for August 13th, and I won't be leaving for my trip to St. Thomas until the 17th of September. That is about 5 weeks between the time of surgery and the trip. Is that enough time to heal and enjoy my vacation with little limitation, or should I wait the full 6 weeks? Looking for honest advice that will keep me safe, but able to get the maximum fun out of my 50th birthday trip.

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A vacation five weeks after mommy makeover is fine but there will be restrictions.

It is unlikely that you will have been clear for all physical activity five weeks after mommy makeover but this is a decision for your own surgeon. Ever simply going on vacation should not be a problem.

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Dr Derby

If all goes exactly according to the book you will be okay to travel and enjoy your vacation. Just make sure you do not exercise or do outdoor sport activities. Of course if the healing process does not go as planned then you might get in trouble with this time frame. Talk it over with your surgeon.Best of luck

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
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Planning Caribbean trip 5 weeks after mommy make-over

Thank you for your question about your mommy make-over.

  • Chances are good that you will be able to enjoy your vacation although you may not be reading for heavy lifting, running or bike riding and you may find all day sight seeing tiring.
  • But surgery is not 100% predictable - 
  • Since your surgeon knows you and the surgical plan, ask her/him if 5 weeks is good enough.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope this information is helpful. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Vacation after surgery

Having a Tummy Tuck and lift at the same time is a big surgery.I tell my patients 6-8 weeks before full activity. You may be ok but you will tire easy. Hope all your incision lines heal ok cause you do not want to go out of the country with an open wound. Speak with your surgeon. 

Deborah Sillins, MD
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Surgery Timing & Travel

Thank you for your question.  There is a good chance that you will be in good shape and ready for travel in 5 weeks, but not a 100% chance.  Most surgeons recommend 6 weeks before releasing patients to unrestricted activities including lifting heavy suit cases, playing on the beach or climbing into a taxi van or boat to tour the sights on St Thomas.  You will definitely not be fully recuperated at that time. You will still have some swelling of the tummy area and your skin will still feel tight and numb.  Your breasts will cause you much less discomfort.  This is assuming that all of your incisions will heal uneventfully and that there will be no open wounds that would restrict you from going into the water or enjoying your trip.  Given the number of procedures that you are having at once and the importance of this milestone trip, I would recommend having a few extra weeks to recover to ensure that you have an excellent trip.  Hope this helps.  Best wishes on your recovery and congratulations!

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Vacation 5 weeks after mommy makeover

I would say you are cutting it close. If you have any wound healing problems your trip may be affected. If the flight is long make sure you are up walking around hourly to minimize risk of blood clots. Discuss this with your surgeon as they know your overall health and risks of post-operative complications. Good luck!

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Vacationing 5 weeks after a Tummy Tuck, BA/BL and Lipo of the flanks. Is that enough time to heal?

If you heal normally and don't have any complications, 5 weeks should allow adequate time to heal before you go on your trip.  Let your surgeon know about your plans and get their approval before leaving.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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How long after surgery is ok to be on vacation?

That all depends upon your surgeon and their normal protocol for post-op care.  I stress to my patients that you do not want to stress your body, and depending upon the work done and how you heal there is no hard and fast rule to recovery.  If there was muscle repair it can take longer before you are able to be active.  You may be ok to travel and lay around but not much more.  Also remember that your skin in the areas of surgery will be more sensitive to the sun and make you at higher risk for affecting the healing of your incisions.  I would recommend a thorough discussion with your surgeon.  Good luck.

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Traveling by Air Weeks After a Mommy Makeo

Most patients are good to #travel 4 weeks after a #MommyMakeover. You should ask your plastic surgeon for specific advice per your procedure. Additionally, I would suggest you wear #TED #hose and also make a point to move about on the aircraft when feasible to prevent DVT.

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I never say no to vacation but a delay to be reassured that your going to have the best time possible is the best thing.  You should be okay if all goes well for light activity but this still may limit you - depending on how active you hope to be.  Just dont get a sunburn or expose your incisions.

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