Not totally happy with my primary rhinoplasty! Bulbous tip??? (photos)

11 months post op and I'm dissappointed in the fins results! I thought it would look smaller but the tip is HUGE and ugly... It destroys my confidence :( I had girls tell me I look ugly now.... Also I can barley breathe out of my left nostril. But aestheaclly other than the ugly tip I'm very happy with the rest of my nose... Just very much so regret getting the tip widened because he recommended it! What is wrong with me nose and is it worth fixing ? I'm scared it'll look worse !! Thanks guys !

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Bulbous tip

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Hello there,Thank you for your question. I am truly sorry you are unhappy with your results. I see why you may be dissatisfied, since your pre-operative nose was smaller than your post-operative nose. It does not look  excessively abnormal. However, if you are dissatisfied, I would recommend seeing a physician (possibly a different one) to correct your bulbous tip. Patients have undergone numerous rhinoplasties to achieve their desired result. If you decide to undergo another surgery, I would advise that you to bring pictures in and specifically explain to your doctor what you would like to have done. Make sure your doctor has years of experience and look at before and after pictures of their previous procedures. You do not want to undergo another surgery just to be even more dissatisfied. The right doctor with the right expertise would be able to fix this with no problem. I hope that helps and good luck to you in your future endeavors. Have a great day!James Fernau, MD, FACS
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