Thermismooth vs Venus Freeze for face. Any suggestions?

which is better for tightening and rejuvenating skin on face, Thermismooth or Venus Freeze. 1. what is the cost 2. how long does each last 3. is there any pain or downtime.

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Thermismooth for facial tightening

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I have been impressed with the tightening abilites of ThermiSmooth using its original equipment. Recently the company has developed Thermi250 which is a more powerful unit designed to treat  body sites with greater body surface area. I have no experience using Venus Freeze nor  have had colleagues that use both who felt that Venus Freeze was better than Thermi250 or vice versa. It would be great to be able to design a double blind placebro controlled study investigating this.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Thermismooth 250 Far Superior

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I wish someone could do a controlled study with 100 patients on whom we would treat one side of the face with ThermiSmooth 250 and the other with Venus Freeze. That is not happening real soon.

Clinically, I believe ThermiSmooth 250  to be much superior with results that you see and last a couple of years ( like the other physician, I own everything Thermi makes and they do not pay me to advertise for them). Our patients are very happy. We see anywhere from 60 to 80 percent improvement. Ther is no downtime, no pain whatsoever. I have not seen such impressive results from Venus.

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon

ThermiSmooth vs Venus Freeze?

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That's a very good question, because on the surface, they seem to be very similar.  They both use the same energy source: radio frequency (RF) energy and make similar claims.  I own a Thermi250 (formerly called ThermiSmooth 250), which is their newest device for both skin tightening and fat reduction, and, in the past, I have owned Thermage and VelaShape and currently I work in another office, which has the Venus Legacy system, which is their newer version of the "Freeze."  My initial experiences with Thermage and Vela left me doubting that anything RF was any good, so I have been very reluctant to offer those modalities.  Thermi convinced me otherwise via their ThermiVa device for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.  I was so impressed with that device, that I bought everything they offer and I can tell you, we have been VERY pleased with the results.  Regarding Venus, I do not directly oversee those treatments at my other job, but the estheticians tell me that their clients are getting "pretty good" results.  In our experience, it seems to work better on the face than the body, but there is variability from one patient to the next.  Take a look at RealSelf reviews of both (links below) - looks like maybe ThermiSmooth has the advantage in the "worth it" department.  I hope that helps.

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