Which of these surgeries I should I have 1st, 2nd, etc? How long should I wait between each procedure to do the next? (photo)

Age 40, type 2 diabetic but well managed. Married/ 4 children. Hgt 5'2, wgt 170 pounds. Would like to have Breast reduction(40DD breast are loose and lay on upper abdomen without bra), bbl(no butt), fat grafting to hips (no hips), (lipo) loose arm fat at under arms,Tummy tuck (Loose and hanging fat/skin on lower abdomen) ,aggressive lipo for sides and flanks to create curvy figure.

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Sequence of events

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Every surgeon has his or her preference. I would recommend liposuction and BBL first . Waiting six months and then having breast reduction and a tummy tuck. Please consult with several board-certified plastic surgeon for the best recommendations

Surgery order?

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Certain operations can be performed at the same time in the right individual.  I usually do the fat injection to the buttocks before a tummy tuck.  An exam in person is essential. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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What Bothers You Most?

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You are the most qualified to answer this question.  Which area bothers you the most?  If it is your breasts, do the breast reduction.  I think that this is much too much surgery to be performed at once.


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Theoretically if you are in good health they all could be done at the same time.  If you Re trying to use insurance for the breasts then I would do that procedure separately

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Staging Surgeries

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I agree with all of Dr. Kraft's points.  You will get the most improvement from the Tummy Tuck being performed first. Then your breast reduction size can be more accurately chosen.  However, I would recommend that you lose at least 20 lbs. or more first before undergoing a Tummy Tuck.  

From your profile photo, you appear to have a significant amount of internal (bad omental) fat.  This fat is not removed with a Tummy Tuck since this fat surrounds your stomach, bowel, and other internal organs.  You would get a more slimming result if you lost this weight first.

Then, after losing this weight and after undergoing a Tummy Tuck (which also removes more weight), you might be able to get your breast reduction covered by your insurance since your BMI will have decreased, making you more likely to meet your insurance requirements.  Wait at least two to three months before undergoing the second procedure.  

Good luck with your goals.  Realize also that losing the weight and reducing the size of your abdomen and breasts will improve your overall health!

Wishing You the Best!

Cecilia Franco-Webb, MD

Which of these surgeries I should I have 1st, 2nd, etc? How long should I wait between each procedure to do the next?

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Your high BMI/weight, the diabetes, etc precludes doing any surgery until you attain a reasonable weight....

Surgical order

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I personally like to perform the tummy tuck first and then assess in terms of the size for breast reduction,  I disagree that a diabetic can undergo all the proposed procedures at once because of the heightened risk of infection and postop complications.  The procedure is also much too long. Additionally, you should lose weight both in terms of your health and prior to surgery.  My sense is that a lot of your issues are related to being overweight. Best wishes,

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