Is it normal for this to happen after a rhinoplasty and if a year passes what could be the treatment for this deformity?

Hello I'm thirty years old and I just had my third revision rhinoplasty done three months ago. Due to my nasal bridge collapsing my Dr. used a synthetic material called (gore-tex). A month ago I noticed a bump on the nasion part of my noise, which has increased in size that looks more like a hump on the upper area of my nasal bridge. My Dr. said it's a cartilage bone and I might need to wait a full year for him to make a final decision and that it might go down.

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Bumps after rhinoplasty

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Bumps on the nose after rhinoplasty could be related to the irregularities in the bone or cartilage. They can also be related to the scar tissues or even palpable edge of the implant, when an implant is used. The scaring related bumps usually go away with time or injection of steroids.

If the bump that you notice is small you should wait. While it is, unfortunately, unlikely that it may go away, there is a chance. Regrettably, most bumps become more visible with time as the surrounding swelling subsides. Fortunately, these can all be eliminated very successfully no matter what causes them.   

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Residual issue

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The residual problem may be graft related, irregularities that were not visible but became visible as the swelling subsided, or scar tissue.  Hard to say without an exam and best to give it a year before revising.

Steven Wallach, MD
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