How long does it take for stitches to dissolve & tape to fall off? Should I remove the tape because it's been 2 weeks? (Photos)

I'm 2 weeks post op. My concern is the tape over the stitching has yet to wear off. I have some lite itching where the incisions are and was it's a sign of healing. I have noticed there is kinda a yellowish color under the tape, do I just wait for the tape to wear off on its own? Will I get a infection because the tape is still on? I wash my boob's with dial antibacterial soap and dry them on cool with the blow dryer. I don't have any pain, foul odors, or anything alarming happening.

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Tape on incisions

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Each surgeon is different. SOme may say remove it, and others may say leave it alone. Best to ask your surgoen his specific protocol for care.

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