I am 55 yrs and recently had to remove all my teeth. Can I get dental implants?

I have no teeth.

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SNAPINDENTURES OR ALL ON 4 by nobelbiocare

yes you can have a great solution with this 2 proceedures

SNAPINDENTURES , you snap them in and out, but they are strong and no roof of the palate , this is the must affordable solution , and you will have great results , shape size and even color can be done.

ALL ON 4 BY NOBEL BIOCARE, this proceedure is the best solution for edentulous patients ,this is a screwretained titanium bar that goes connected to the implants, and you will have great results immediately , also you will have the big change to a hollywood smile .

Implants to replace all your teeth.

I assume you are wearing a denture currently. If you are in good health, you have many options in regards to implant placement. Normally, in my practice you would be able to place implants in 3-4 months after your extractions pending good healing of the bone. Most dentists will take a Cone beam 3 D xray to determine quality of your bone for implants.  Most patients prefer teeth with implants that do not cover the palate and lower teeth with implants that don't move. Here are some of your options. Hopefully this not too much information for you. 

Denture implant options:

Option 1: Fixed bridgework


1.     As close to “real” teeth as possible.

2.     Nothing on the palate.

3.     Made of porcelain and very esthetic looking.

4.     Not removable on a daily basis.


1.     Increased cost due to complexity and lab costs.

2.     More appointments

3.     Breakage can occur due to strength of bite and is more difficult to fix.

4.     More costly maintenance as the prosthesis should be removed every few years.

Option 2: Fixed hybrid…All on 4... no palate coverage


1.     Made of acrylic teeth (plastic) or Zirconia porcelain. More forgiving if a patient has a hard bite.

2.     Can be more easily fixed if breaks.

3.     Not removable.

4.     Cost is somewhat less than option 1.


1.     Harder to clean with food trapping.

2.     Does cover more of the palate than option 1.

3.     Needs to be removed every 1-2 years for cleaning.

4.     Can harbor plaque and odors if not cleaned effectively.

5.     Can break.

Option 3: Removable overdenture with locators


1.     Can be removed for easier cleaning of the implants and denture.

2.     Will support the lip better reducing wrinkles around the lip and lower face.

3.     Very natural looking.

4.     Cost is less than option 1 and 2.

5.     Is kinder to the implants in relation to bite forces.


1.     Removable

2.     Requires periodic changing of the snaps, but is very easy and cost friendly.

3.     If breakage, can be easily repaired.

4.     Sometimes must cover the palate at least partially.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

A very common solution to your situation is the placement of four implants on the top arch and four implants on the bottom arch where teeth are connected the same day. This procedure is known as the All-on-4. You may even consider six implants on the top since you are so young. These procedures are done with IV sedation using a team approach of a surgeon, a prosthodontist, and a lab technician. The instant and proven results of this technique has become more and more popular in recent years. 

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Miami Periodontist
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Tooth Removal

As long as you have sufficient quality and quantity of bone to place implants, you can have dentures or crowns ( caps)  made that are implant retained. You would need a CT scan of the upper and lower jaws to determine the type of bone you have and based on that, see if you're a candidate for either procedure.

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