Can fat grafting improve the situation 100%??

. O.L Hello, I'm 40 days after my breast implant, 240cc mentor, silicone. I can feel my implant at the bottom edge, and the rippling also at my right breast. I can see the rippling even when I bend at the inner side. My doctor said that some fat grafting will improve the appearance.

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Breast augmentation, fat grafting

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Fat grafting is a fantastic solution for the rippling. The problem is that there is little tissue between implant and external environment. All implants may ripple to a certain degree. Its our job to make sure you have the proper size and an adequate pocket created for that specific implant. There are many solutions for rippling, fat grafting is a great tool we have to resolve rippling. I wish you well.

Fat grafting for ripples

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 Even silicone gel implants can ripple especially when they're filled with a more responsive type gel rather than a very thick cohesive gel like the Allergan 410. The positions that you're feeling these wrinkles are the ones we most commonly say. While I do think that grafting will help hide this, I would not promise anywhere near hundred percent. You may have to have it done more than once as well. Good luck. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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