Lower Face Lift & Platysmaplasty recovery? (photos)

I had a lower face lift & neck lift in 9/2015. I'm close to a scheduled visit with my PS. Other than a cold, my recovery seems long if uneventful, although I have had 2 tragus and 1 hairline sutures come out of their own accord. I'd like to ask some of the DRs here how they think I seem to be doing at this point & if the pictures suggest any questions for my own DR. The 1st pictures are of the left side, the last ones are of the rt. Thanks to all for their opinions and expert advice.

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It looks like you are recovering well and the irregularities are in the positions where these normally occur. You do need some scar management and advise and I would keep in touch with your PS.

Manchester Plastic Surgeon
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Lower facelift

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 It looks like you're doing very well. The scars are still pink but that can take several more months before they completely fade away. It looks like they should do fine. Overall your cheek shapes look good and I would give the area under your chin more time to settle. I think that you should look at your final result in another couple months.Good luck! 

Mark T. Boschert, MD
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Face lift recovery

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At this point the pictures show an excellent recovery.  There is some loosening of skin in the submental area which is very common after a facelift.  If it continues to become more wrinkled than it can be treated with either Thermitight, Thermismooth or a small skin excision with W plasty was Z-plasty.


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Tanveer Janjua, MD
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Lower Facelift Recovery

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Thank you for a great range of photos.  The incision sites seem to be healing well, it can take a few months for the scars to settle entirely.  It is quite normal for the sutures to surface.  Gentle massage, with a scar oil/cream, will aid further healing, but do keep the sites dry otherwise, and continue to practice good hygiene.  Over time, the redness will fade, making the sites 'invisible'.  


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Thank you for your questions.  Upon review of your pictures, it appears that you are healing at the
expected normal rate.  I like to begin massaging one half Vitamin E and one half Aloe Vera into the
healing scars to soften, minimize and fade. 

Charles A. Wallace, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Lower Facelift and Platysmaplasty Recovery

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In reviewing your pictures, you incisions appear to be healing well.  It is normal for incisions to remain "lumpy" and red for a few weeks to months after surgery.  They will continue to heal for up to 1 year after surgery.  I would ensure that:

1)  Keep the incisions protected from sunlight
2)  Use a scar cream
3)  Have regular appointments with your facial plastic surgeon

I hope this helps.  

Recent post op

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You are currently 30 days post surgery.  It looks as if your incision are healing fine.  It is still fairly soon after your surgery so the appearance of the incisions should become better and better with time.  Its best to follow with your plastic surgeon to ensure an optimal result.

Brian K. Machida, MD, FACS
Ontario Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift Recovery Can Take Time

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Based on the photographs, I think you are making good progress.  I know you want to know how this will look in the end, but there are certain things we can't rush.  Mother nature is in charge right now.  You have swelling and inflammation (which is just part of the healing process) and I'm not worried for you at all.
Sit tight, and ask your surgeon specific questions when you see him/her in 3-D.
Good Luck!

Thomas P. Sterry, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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