Looking for a butt implant doctor in the tri-state area! Surgery date of July 25, 2016 (Photo)

Hello, I'm looking for a doctor within 1000 miles of the Southeat MI area (about an hour northeast of Detroit called Rochester, MI). I'm looking for intramuscular butt implants with fat transfer from hips/flanks and a little from my stomach (so liposculpture from those areas). I'm trying to get a fair price, since I'm a teacher and my husband is a machinist. I'd like to see some befores and afters/reviews of your work. I'm attaching pictures of myself--then pics of what I want to look like :)
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Buttock Implants with Fat Injections

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When one has little fat to transfer, the result of buttock augmentation must be done with buttock implants. By the restriction of the pocket, the largest size of intramuscular buttock implants for many women is in the 270cc to 330cc range at best. This usually results in a more shapely and rounder buttocks but not necessarily a substantial increase in size. Any fat that can be harvested is then best used for the hip and any peripheral areas to the implant for a shaping effect.

Looking for buttock implant doctor

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You may have to look outside your 1000 mile radius.  Extremely few board certified plastic surgeons perform buttock implants. More than just about any other cosmetic procedure, buttock implants is one that you want to go to a surgeon that is performing it weekly if not daily. 

I perform about 6 - 8 buttock implant procedures per week. Typically buttock implants are more painful and a bit more debilitating to recover from compared to breast implants. The main reason being is that for about two weeks post-op, sitting is prohibited other than for using the restroom, sitting up to eat, or for travel. I literally have at least 60% of my patients fly in from other states or other countries as far as Holland, Australia, Germany, India, etc... They all have done well flying back to their home towns within 5 to 7 days after surgery. We give the patient special instructions how to manage the flight and how to do pressure releases while seated to avoid wound healing complications. I tell every patient, unless they work from home, plan on taking at least two weeks off of work and three weeks it's even better if possible. Full activity can typically be resumed at about the six week mark post-op.  Glad to help. 

Buttock implants

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Yes, I agree with you, that implants might be the way to go.  Fat injection may be possible into the surrounding areas as well. Good luck.

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