70 days post Radiesse injection & still have terrible red lumps under my eyes. IPL not working, is there an alternative? (photo)

Dr had been doing IPL twice a week and it does not seem to be working at all. Is there a better alternative to IPL. The photo is 70 days post injection! I'm getting worried cause I'm starting to have problems with my eye sight.

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Red lumps under the eyes with Radiesse

I have never seen this result. In my practice every cosmetic patient is addressed separately as there are no "cookbook" approaches even after almost 20 years of filler experience.We use many different fillers in the same patient to achieve a optimal correction. I would recommend you discuss this issue with a dermatologist board certified and experienced in fillers in your area.

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70 days post #Radiesse injection & still have terrible red lumps under my eyes. IPL not working, is there an alternative?

I generally do not recommend Radiesse for areas with very thin skin, such as the lower eyelids.  Some of the problems you're having may be at least partially related to that.  That being said, if you're having trouble with your eyesight you need to be seen by an ophthalmologist right away.  Vision problems related to injectable fillers have been described but not normally at this stage of the recovery.  But since anything is possible you should have yourself checked as soon as is possible.

Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to make the Radiesse dissipate any faster than it will on its own.  It will take some time and should go down completely on its own but one advantage of the HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers is that they can be "reversed" - to at least some degree - by hyaluronidase (Vitrase).

I hope that this helps and good luck,

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