11 months post. I'm wondering if I have a bulbous tip, pollybeak, dorsal hump or hanging columella. Considering touch up (Photo)

rhinoplasty 11 months post op & I'm very happy with the results we agreed upon. He delivered on everything expect the bulbous tip & it's harder to breathe from my left nostril, he said the 'plate being popped' & Tim makes a whistling sound. I knew the success rate of the tip going into to the primary surgery so I can't really complain. But the aesthetics of the the tip still bothers me even though it's improved a lot since the 6month before and after photo (post) Should I get revision?

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I think you are asking for trouble with re-operation, though it is reasonable to ask about the whistling sound and breathing restriction. Trying for more cosmetic improvement simply ups the odds of greater concerns. You heard it from me first! Best regards! Dr. Tholen

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