Chills after Breast reduction...but only on my breasts. Any suggestions?

I had my breast reduction 8 days ago. Overall I feel great and the pain has been minimal. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away last week so I consulted with my doctor to road trip for the service. My FI did all the driving and lifting. I still feel fine overall but now I'm freaking out that I overdid it. I do still have small leakage from where the anchor connects under my nipple but the stranger thing is I get the chills, but only across my chest. Is this normal sensation returning?

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Chills after a Breast Reduction Surgery

I am sorry about your uncle.   Chills could indicate an infection, though usually it is throughout your entire body.     Take your temperature when you have chills and record this information. Thoroughly look at your breasts to check for redness or abnormal drainage or overly warm breasts.   Contact your plastic surgeon to update him/her.  Follow up with your surgeon once you get back home. Don't feel like you are bothering your surgeon.   I prefer to know if a patient of mine has an issue.  That is why I provide all of my patients with my cell phone number so that they can easily contact me.

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