What Determines if a Person is a Good Candidate for the Anatomical Cohesive Gel Implants?

Hi There: I'm about 5'4, 133lbs and am currently a full A, small B. I'm scheduled for a BA in May and I really want the anatomical gel implants. According to a study I read done with Allergan, the rupture rate and re-operation rates are significantly lower with this implant as opposed to the the round cohesive gel. However, my surgeon does not recommend the anatomical version for me. He feels that the round are my best option. What makes someone a good candidate for the anatomical option?

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Teardrop or round

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If you want more of a teardrop shape to your breast and have little of your own breast tissue, teardrop implants may be better. However, I have achieved great results with round as well and usually prefer it to teardrop. Ask your surgeon for their opinion 

Anatomical Breast Implants

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Thank you for your question.

One of the known problems/complications associated with “anatomical” breast implants is the possibility of shifting/rotation of the breast implant.  This rotation of breast implant may cause the breast shape to change,  potentially necessitating further surgery to correct.  For this reason, and with the goal of minimizing complications and need for further surgery, I prefer the use of round implants for almost all patients.

Choose a well experienced plastic surgeon who can show you results before proceeding with surgery.

Best Wishes.

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