How Do You Determine Correct/Appropriate Diameter of Implant Sizes for a Post-mastectomy Reconstruction Patient?

What would be the appropriate range of widths for a 5'2, 125 pound woman who was 34B prior to skin sparing/nipple sparing BMX, 30" around rib cage just below breasts. Seems width might be more important than projection.

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Implant/expander sizing in breast reconstruction.

Sizing of the breast for expander placement is typically done based on the width and height of the native breast. Volume is achieved over time through serial expansions with the patient's own goals directing the ultimate fill volume. For nipple sparing or single-stage reconstruction using implants, typically I use the breast width and height to determine the range of implants I need in the operating room. I then will use the volume of the breast tissue removed to determine implant volume. Multiple sizers (temporary implants) are used, the patient is sat upright, and comparisons to the preoperative photos are made to determine which implant size/shape works best. The final implant is then placed into the breast for the single-stage reconstruction.

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Implant selection after mastectomy

Measuring the base width to each breast is how I determine what size tissue expander to place after mastectomy.  It also depends upon the volume of the breasts.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Choosing breast implant

Choosing breast implant depend on YOUR measurement, there is definate land marks and we measure the chest and what diameter it can accomodate. Then there is a range of implants that will fit your measurement to choose from.

Samir Shureih, MD
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