Am I Destroying my Nose?

I had my surgery two years ago.The first year of healing I didn't touch it a lot to let it heal properly.But this year,I started to get more and more blackheads because of oily tip.I can't resist squeezing them.I squeeze them twice a week and then let my nose heal for few days,and then squeeze again.It never hurts and I didn't break anything but my nose gets really red and bulbous.I decided to stop because I am afraid I will harm my nose permanently.Do You think I have already done some damage?

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Nose Skin Care

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After two years, it is doubtful that you have caused any structural damage to the structure of your nose.  But I advise you to contact your surgeon or a dermatologist to discuss a good skin care regimen.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Under skin, will not undo the results of a rhinoplasty.

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I'm not sure that your treatment of the orally skin of your nose is good for it, but it certainly won't undo the results of the rhinoplasty. You might want to check in with a dermatologist.

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