37 YOA. Mini or Full Tummy Tuck... Small tattoo removed? (photos)

5'3" Height. 106-110lbs. Work out 5 days a week... Reformer Pilates. I'm relatively okay with my tummy when standing upright, but its a different story sitting or in the crawling position. I wouldn't mind bidding adieu to the little heart tattoo. (16 year old mistake) I am wondering if I might be a candidate for the mini or even endoscopic tummy tuck or if I would have to have full? I wear very low cut panties/swimsuits .

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Mini or full

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Definitely not a full
Is that fat under the skin or lax muscle fascia?
If only fat and muscle is good consider only a good suction.
If on exam the fascia is lax consider either a mini or float.

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Endo Tummy Tuck

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Your abdomen appears to not have a significant amount of skin laxity to allow a full tummy tuck that would allow the scar to be placed low enough for your clothes to be worn low without showing the scar.  The muscle separation could be repaired using the endoscopic technique.  This is a very advanced technological technique that few plastic surgeons have used. I am the only plastic surgeon in Northwest Florida who has experience with this technique and has the instrumentation to perform the procedure.  You will need to be examined to determine if you are a candidate as only a few patients will get a good result with the technique.  The benefit is a flatter tummy with a low minimal scar.  Look for a Plastic surgeon who has experience with all techniques to improve the appearance of the abdomen.  Good Luck!

Tummy tuck

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Looks like you can benefit from a full tummy tuck so that you have muscle tightening for a great result,please look for a board certified PS, good luck!

Muscle weakness

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Your stomach look nice but the telling photo is the one you posted from the side. The reason you have the "pooch" is that the muscles are split apart from pregnancies (I assume). When you are pregnant, the muscle and the skin get stretched out.  The muscles are designed to split apart to accommodate the pregnancies. Unfortunately no amount of exercise can make them come back together.  A tummy tuck will nicely correct this as I suture the muscles back together to give you a nice flat stomach. It is hard to tell by the photo but it appears the muscle split extends above the belly button which means a full tummy tuck would give you a better result. It appears you are local here in Destin, Best would be to come in for a consult and let me look at your abdomen and I can tell you exactly and show you some photos.  The link below also has some examples.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you soon and I can explain the process in detail!

Dr Ennis

Lawrence Scott Ennis, MD, FACS
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Mini-tummy tuck

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You have a great figure.  I am assuming you have had children which might be an assumption that gets my shins kicked!  Your muscles need to be plicated all the way up to your breast plate to fix the foundation, but your belly button does not need to be relocated and I think there isn't enough excess skin north of your belly button to warrant a full tummy tuck.  You will certainly have excess tissue below your belly button that can be removed with a mini-tummy tuck.  You will look awesome!!!  Most important thing is fixing the foundation where your muscles have separated (diastasis recti).

37 YOA. Mini or Full Tummy Tuck... Small tattoo removed?

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Your tummy looks excellent. I would not put a scar on your tummy. To remove tatoo would require a full tummy tuck incision. Leave you excellent tummy alone!

37 YOA. Mini or Full Tummy Tuck... Small tattoo removed?

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Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  Though nothing replaces an in-person examination to assess your degree of skin laxity and skin excess when lying down, your picture is significant for muscle laxity along both your upper and lower abdomen.  In order to repair the full length of your muscle and remove as much skin as possible (including your tattoo) you would most benefit from a full tummy tuck but this may leave you with a vertical scar in the middle of your stomach depending on the position of your lower horizontal incision.  You may be a candidate for a mini-tummy tuck to remove any excess tissue from your lower abdomen while performing a full repair of your muscles through a small tunneling procedure towards your breast bone but this will again depend on an in-person exam.  Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon to get the best treatment options.  

Nelson Castillo, MD
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37 YOA. Mini or Full Tummy Tuck... Small tattoo removed? = very likely a full tummy tuck #tt #tummytuck #minitt #minitummytuck

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A mini tummy tuck ONLY removes the excess of skin and  fixes the buling of the tummy BELLOW the belly button. Therefore, any excess of skin and building of the belly ABOVE the belly button remains the SAME

A full tummy tuck removes the excess of skin and fixes the buling of the tummy of the ENTIRE abdomen ( both bellow AND above the belly button)

Patients interested in determine if candidates for a mini-tummy tuck vs a full tummy tuck should make a consolation with a Boar Certified Plastic Surgeon

John Mesa, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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