One Week After Botox Eyebrow Area Is Inflamed, And I See No Results. What Could Have Been Done Differently?

I had botox done last monday , eight days ago, in madrid , and the upper part of my eyes behind my eyebrows are inflamated, the botox did not work out in the sides of my eyes, I think the quantity was not correct. What can I do so as not to have my eyes in the upper part so puffy ? Sorry my english is not very good. Thanks

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One Week After Botox No results and the below the brow Area Is Inflamed

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Everytime the skin is penetrated (even with a surgical needle) there is always a possibility of infection.The Botox effect  SHOULD have been fully obvious by now. Botox does "not work" when it is
- Old or expired (and ineffective)
- Dilute (and therefore insufficient to cause a change)
- a forgery ( many "cheap" sources of mail order "Botox" are not really Botox but forgeries)

In addition, your injector may have been inexperienced and used poor technique.

In my opinion you need to be seen by the doctor (hopefully a Plastic surgeon) and be assessed for infection as well as for treatment with REAL Botox. You may want to read the Botox page on my website for a full explanation.

Peter A Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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