Desperately Want Unusual Mole on my Right Cheek Removed/Explained?

I have had this mole ever since I was young. It's right in the middle of my right cheek and makes me really self-conscious. I've never seen anything like it, it's slightly raised, pink (but when i get hot or aggravate the skin it raises a tiny bit more and the pink area turns bright red) and about the size of a pencil-eraser with a small dark spot on the right side of it. I can't stand it and I have been to the dermatologist who said he would run 3 check-ups to see if it changes in size etc..

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Consider shave biopsy

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Dear 33018anon in UK, it is great that you have seen the dermatologist, as these doctors are the best at evaluating moles. I will tell you that when I look at a mole I use epiluminescent dermoscopy and look for asymmey, irregular borders, multiple colors, diameter >6mm, elevation and evolution (changing mole). From your photo I see asymmetry and multiple colors. You give a history of elevation. This is 3 worrisome features, so it makes sense that your dermatologist is following this closely. Be sure to let him or her know if the lesion changes even slightly or bleeds. In my clinic we use epiluminescent dermoscopy and have a high index of suspicion with regard to pigmented lesions. A shave biopsy can be performed taking a thin superficial layer of skin to make sure your mole is not dysplastic or an early melanoma. That is the only definitive way to prove your mole is safe.

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I would recommend that you see your dermatologist for a biopsy to confirm whether or not it is benign.  It is a very simple and quick procedure to do.  

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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