Does Desonide Slow Down the Process of Obagi Nu Derm?

hello i! i have been using obagi nu derm for 2 weeks now.. inbetween i had stopped tretin for one night as the peeling was too much n i got too nervous. i then applied desonide lotion for that partticular day to control the reactions.. the next day i mixed a little with the blender n trentin. i havent peeled like before! n when i use the products now it doesnt sting that badly i have dicorlation on my skin.(half is peeled and half yet to peel) . i am also scarring all of a sudden. will it be ok?

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Obagi and cortisone creams for peeling

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Desonide will mitigate the peeling effect of the retin a.  However, long term use may further damage the skin so it is not advisable alongside topical skin cream regimens.  I will prescribe a mild cortisone cream a few days before an event if a patient is on Melarase creams so that the peeling will subside.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Using Desonide with Obagi NuDerm

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Desonide is a mild corticosteroid medication that is often helpful for controlling inflammation and there should be no problem with your using it in conjunction with your Obagi NuDerm treatment. Try not to use it any longer than necessary as it is just for controlling the inflammation.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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