Desiring a Full C Cup? (photo)

I am just shy of 5'5" and 107lbs. After having 2 kids I lost all my breasts and have absolutely no need of wearing a bra other than giving my nipple coverage. I am desiring a full c, the surgeon I have currently been going to has told me to try on sizers and to be more concerned with the look than the cup size. However, I am stuck between 400cc and 375cc, silicone and under muscle. I love the profile of the 400 but am not sure what my front profile would look like. Also high profile or moderate

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Implant size

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25 cc difference in implants is not a lot. Either one will probably get you to where you want to be.  Good luck.

Implant size is best determined by your measurements

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First, you have to forget about cup size since this can vary depending on what brand of bra you wear.  Next the implant you choose should fit within the measurements of how wide your breast is.  The larger the implant the more your breast will take the shape of the implant and the less natural it will look.  If your breast is narrow you may only be able to fit a higher profile implant if you are looking to go into the 400cc range.  The most important factor is to have an implant that fits your measurements.  If you use an implant that is too large for your breast to stretch into then there is a much higher risk of developing complications of shape and nipple position distortion later on.  Also you are at a higher risk of getting visibility of the implant in the form of rippling the larger you go.

Breast Augmentation with High Profile Implants

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Thank you for your photos.  I think you are a great candidate for breast augmentation.  You can not tell much difference between a 375 and a 400 cc implant.  When the difference is 50 cc or more this noticeable.  I would recommend going up about 50 cc based on what you liked with your sizers.  You need a HP implant because of the narrow with of your chest and each breasts.  A moderate implant is to broad for the desired volume to achieve your look.  Best Wishes.

Dr. ES

Selecting breast implant size and style

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I agree with your surgeon's statement, that you should "be more concerned with the look than the cup size".  Cup size will vary based upon the style and manufacturer of the bra you select.  Moderate profile implants tend to give a more natural appearance to the augmented breast, while high profile implants tend to give a more rounded appearance to the upper pole of the breast.  Your profile selection will have a greater impact on your final appearance than the difference between a 375cc vs. 400cc implant.  Since implant width should match chest wall dimensions, changing implant profile would generally require a greater than 25cc difference in implant volume.   You may wish to review photos of patients augmented with different profile implants to get a better sense of the results they provide, as well as review photos with your plastic surgeon to clarify the look you are hoping to achieve.

Good luck.

I agree with Dr. Perez

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The difference between 375 and 400 cc's is only about 1 1/2 tablespoons.  Not really much difference.  Whether you need moderate plus or high profile implants depends on the width of your breasts and chest.   Measurements will help to determine which is better for you.   Good luck, you will love your new breasts,

Best regards,

Dr. Smith

Choosing your implants

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Hello. The most important factors for determining the size of implants that could be used on a patient include width of the base of the breast, the size of your thorax and the amount of breast tissue and skin you have. Once a surgeon has this information he could better educate you on what type of implants would work best for you. The difference between 375 and 400 cc implants are very small. The high profile verses moderate profile question would be dependant on the measurements mentioned earlier. I rarely use high profile but for your body type it may look perfect on you.
Jaime Perez, MD
Breast Augmentation Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Desiring a Full C Cup?

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I prefer using trial implants when choosing an appropriate size for a patient. The implants look a bit larger over the breast compared with the same size inserted in the breast--usually by about 10 %. In my office, that usually means choosing the next size up for silicone implants. 

As to profile, it is best to match the implant diameter as closely as possible to the breast width. If 400 cc is your choice, your surgeon will likely recommend the 400 cc implant closest in diameter to your breast width. 

For patient in whom the profile of the implant is more important than size, usually a fairly small range of volumes will be appropriate to suggest to the patient. 

I doubt that if your surgeon put in one 375 and one 400 that either of you could tell which was which. I agree with your surgeon to concentrate on appearance, not cup size. Cups sizes  have no uniformly accepted definitions, and I have many patients who fit into three different cup sizes. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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