Will I Get to Desired Size with Amount Removed on my BR?

I am 4wks post-op.I was adamant with my request to be a B cup n for her to ere on the side of smaller.I was a full D cup (5'4"110lbs)with bad posture/back,neck n shoulder pain for yrs.Will I get my desired size with only 360g removed total.At this point I still fit in most of my bras.I wear the "beast" 24/7 but keep tryin old bras on to check for change.Would takin some inflammation meds help? Am I just being impatient and over time get to a B after swelling is over on its own?

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Achieving Specific Cup Size after Breast Reduction?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure; it is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform.

At this point, it is too early to evaluate the end results of surgery. You will find that the breasts will change significantly over the course of the next several months. At this point, patience and time are important.

I am hopeful that you will be please with results of surgery,  and not base your satisfaction with the outcome of surgery on achieving a specific cup size.

Best wishes.

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