If I Decide To Get a Tattoo on my Butt a Yr After my Brazilian Butt Lift Will It Affect my Butt?

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Buttock Tattoo after Butt lift

It is safe to get a tattoo on your buttock once everything has healed from brazilian butt lift surgery...1 year should be sufficient, just check with your surgeon first.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Tattoos after Brazilian Butt Lifts are not a problem

After your BBL, you can get a tattoo. I cannot think of any reason why this would be affected. Pick something nice!

Matthew Schulman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tattoos following Plastic Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery takes fatty tissue from one part of your body (such as the abodmen, waist, hips, etc), and then places it into the buttocks - so as to provide you a larger/fuller buttock.  The fatty tissue that is placed into the buttocks is generally placed deep below the skin level (closer to the underlying muscles and other fatty tissue).  Tattoos ordinarily do not penetrate the skin as deep as the fatty tissue from the Brazilian Butt Lift - and therefore, a tattoo should not affect you buttocks.  It is always a good idea to first check with your plastic surgeon to make sure there are no other issues that need to be considered before proceeding.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!

Joseph D. Alkon, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon
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