Should I get a chin reduction? (photos)

I've always felt like I have a large protruding chin but I am never sure if other people see it that way. I know that it is much more popular to get a chin implant than a reduction. All of my research makes chin reduction look very risky and unpredictable. Do you think surgery would be beneficial and what procedure would be the best approach?

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Chin reduction

Thank you for your photos. The best way to evaluate a person's chin projection is from a profile photo. In the one profile picture that you presented, you have a very esthetically pleasing chin. While reduction genioplasty, requires surgery, it is safe and technically not difficult when performed by an experienced surgeon.

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Should you get a chin reduction?

Dear Natalie 1599,

Thank you for your pictures.  In my opinion, your chin  profile looks very appropriate. I would not recommend any procedure for you.

Best wishes

Chin Reduction

While chin reduction is more technically challenging and far less commonly performed than chin augmentation, it is neither risky or unpredictable. There are different techniques for chin reduction based on the chin excess problem. (bone vs. soft tissue or both) Getting the right chin reduction technique based on the problem is the key to a successful outcome.

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