One week post op from symastia repair. what can be done to have normal looking breasts. Concerned. (photos)

Symastia repair and now Breasts feel too wide under my armpits. no cleavage and flap of skin. What needs to be done to fix this. Breasts don't look normal.

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Be patient

I do see the tissue irregularity between the breasts up high in the cleavage. Not knowing what you looked like preoperatively, and not knowing what was done, it's hard to make any recommendations. Since you're only a week out, there's still a lot of healing as well as stretching that can take place. Your operating surgeon will be your best source of information about your prognosis. Good luck.

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One week post op from symastia repair. what can be done to have normal looking breasts.

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after revisionary breast surgery; based on your photographs, your concerns are understandable.  Although it is difficult to advise you, not knowing exactly what was done during the revisionary surgery, it is possible that the appearance of the breasts will change significantly over the course of the next several months. My concern would be that if permanent sutures were used along the upper cleavage area, that some of the contour issues will remain longer term.

You may wish to obtain details  of the operation performed from your plastic surgeon;  these details will be important when it comes to providing you with helpful advice.

Best wishes.

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In general

I can't speak to your particular case but I do a lot of revisional breast surgery so let me answer in general terms. Many times a correction such as yours involves very thin tissues. For example you know you have just skin on sternum over the area where your surgery was done. This invariably leads to some dimpling and puckering as the thin skin is tacked to the bone/tissues beneath it. A LOT of this will soften as time goes on. How much is hard to guess. Hopefully, your surgeon told you to expect 6 months of looking "odd"  which will get better and better. Hang in there.

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